Daleel App

Your Compass in the Business World

Daleel offers comprehensive companies details, user reviews

to simplify informed decision-making when exploring businesses and services.

Main features


Who is Daleel 

Daleel is an application that provides comprehensive information about various companies across different industries. It aims to offer users a convenient and efficient way to explore details such as company listings, user reviews, opinions, and addresses. It's designed to empower users in making informed decisions when seeking information about businesses and services. Additionally, it enables business owners to showcase their companies, display details about their services and location, thus making Daleel an application directed towards both businesses and consumers.

Streamlined searches, refined results

At Daleel, our cutting-edge search engine empowers users to efficiently discover businesses and services by employing tailored queries. We provide an array of filters designed to enhance your search journey, allowing for meticulous refinement based on location, categories, ratings, and beyond. These comprehensive filters are geared towards aligning search results precisely with your preferences, ensuring a seamless experience in finding exactly what you seek.

Simplified Company Registration

The feature of registering as a company in the Daleel App provides an easy and streamlined process for businesses to create and manage their profiles within the application. This feature enables companies to swiftly provide their essential information, such as company name, contact details, and services offered, contributing to increased visibility and easier access for potential customers. Additionally, this hassle-free registration allows companies to update information easily, respond to inquiries and reviews, aiding in building better relationships with customers and fostering business growth.

Application Interfaces